You’re All I Ever

March 19, 2011

You’re all I ever think about
from the time I awake, till I shut my eyes
My heart beats erratically with you in mind
and the rush makes my everyday.
Seeing your smiles turns me into a spy
I try to hold back my simper, but one always sneaks out.
So come close and let me see you smile and say
“Lets make a world together, with adoration the redesign.”


Where Oh Where

March 19, 2011

Where oh where my romeo are you
Take me to your place of reflection
we can be one mind made of two
and make new meaning to the word affection
everyday i think of you and what it could be
so heartily that i just want to sing
to think your out there in the wild
moving along without my hand to hold and swing
close you eyes and think of me
and one day we might just be.